• 2021/10/29 |

They’re going to tear down the old building of Orixe to build a new one.

On the last day of June, some teachers retired and at the same time we said goodbye to the old building. Teachers sang “bertsos” in the farewell. Watch full video here.

“Izkina hontatik ikusten zaitut

Orixe eraikin zaharra

Berriztatzean hartuko duzu

Itsura berri ederra

Gaurkoan aldiz goza ezazu oroimenaren irrifarra

Bi mila eta hogehitabateko jubilatuen agurra”

All the courses used to fit in two buildings, but one of them is going to be demolished and replaced with a new building. While they build the new one, they’ve moved the students that do not fit in Orixe to other places, and made a provisional one. Some are in Samaniego, others in Tolosaldea and Paper Eskola, the ones left are in the new provisional building as well.


At last, in the summer of 2021 they started building the provisional building on the upper football field and DBH4 students and teachers could finally move to the new building.

We are all looking forward to enjoying the brand new building soon.