IES Orixe Secondary School is located in Santa Lucía suburb in Tolosa, together with CEP Samaniego Primary School and IFPS Tolosaldea Vocational School. Tolosa is the village which gives its name to this area in Gipuzkoa: Tolosaldea. Tolosa has a population of about 18,000 (and about 45,000 live in the area).


Tolosaldea area includes 28 villages, most of them with less than 500 inhabitants. There are state secondary schools in Tolosa, Villabona and Alegi and also government-subsidised private ones in Tolosa, Anoeta Villabona and Ibarra. Orixe Secondary School is the only state offer in baccalaureate (16-18) in the area. This is the reason why the number of students from the surrounding villages is so big.


In regard to the sociolinguistic situation, Tolosaldea is mostly a Basque speaking area: 70 &percent; of the population speaks Basque, although the daily use of the language is not so high. In the small villages, this percentage is much higher.


IES Orixe Secondary School and the other state schools located in Sant Luzia suburb (IFPS Tosaldea Vocational School y el CEP Samaniego Primary School) work together in a coordinated manner and they are gouped into an entity called “Santa Lutzia Hezkuntza Gunea” (Santa Lutzia School Complex). All of them, together with Municipal Nursery School and and "Escuela del Papel de Tolosa" (so called because they prepare their students for the paper industry, always important in the area) are the state educational offer in Tolosa.


Nowadays, the educational offer in Orixe consists of DBH (Secondary Compulsory Education 12-16), Baccalaureate (16-18) and Adapted Vocational training (in the Special Needs Workshop), which is of a regional nature. Baccalaureate is also offered in the other two public schools in Tolosa affiliated with Orixe: Laskorain Ikastola and Hirukide-Eskolapioak.


In the last few years, the average number of teachers in Orixe has been 75. The other emplyees break down as follows: Special Education Assistant: 1, administrative staff: 2,  janitors: 3, and  school cleaning staff: 3 (there are five other employees who work for a private company).

Santa Luzi, 16
Tolosa - 20400

Telephone Number: 943 65 13 87  943 65 24 94
Fax: 943 65 13 40
e-mail: 012980aa@hezkuntza.net

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