"Mundua zeharkatzeko bidea”


“Orixe BHI, being a secondary school, wants to become an instrument that provides all the students who attend it with the essential competencies for life”.


Orixe Secondary School is a state school supported by the Basque Country Education Department. It was born in November, 1974 and the educational offer has changed over the years, in tune with the educational legislation. As a consequence of the implementation of the law No. 2/2006 of May, 2006 (HLO-LOE), the school has reached its current situation.


Throughout its development, Orixe Secondary School has always had a solid foundation: Basque Language and our cultural roots, and teaching innovation (In the 1980s and 1990s, Orixe became a pioneer in implementing ICT in teaching with the Orixe Project, and nowadays, it is a model of reference in the use of ICT in education, “Bide berri” project and the different relationships and agreements with other institutions and foreign schools, …). The same goes for Agenda 21 project which underlines the importance of a sustainable development, or our Living-together Plan. To all this, we have to add all the work which is being done in the counselling and Mentoring department where all the required attention is given to both students and parents.